Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home Stretch

Our appointment during week 33 went well. F continues to measure perfectly. We had a good time at lunch afterwards. I wish Husband and I could have stayed longer, but we had to return to work. I was able to stay a little bit longer and F tried so hard to get the baby to move for me. He, of course, would not oblige but was active an hour later thanks to a piece of cheesecake LOL. We tried again to feel him move last week and he again played hard to get. F feels so bad, but I keep telling her that in the scheme of things, I'd rather him be born healthy than feel him kick.

We reached 34 weeks last Wednesday. F stunned me on Friday when she told me that she thinks she is starting to lose the mucus plug. F remains confident that she still had about 4 more weeks, but I started googling "losing mucus plug" frantically. I've started to fear that we will go into labor in the next two weeks. I have absolutely no reason to feel that way other than nothing this year has gone according to plan. Hopefully I will be wrong!

The work on the house has progressed nicely. Husband has pretty much only detail work (baseboards) to finish in our room and the nursery. We had painters come out on Saturday and paint both rooms, and they lion great! The plan is to move back into our bedroom (because we are still in the living room) next weekend and be able to start decorating the nursery soon. It has been a wild few months, and I won't be sorry to see it come to an end.

The conference in Orlando went well. I was ridiculously nervous about my presentation, but it was well received AND I heard some say it was one of the best of the conference. Nice!

I am starting to feel really impatient for the baby's birth. He needs to bake a little while longer, but at the same time I am SO impatient for his arrival. I want him here with us. I found out last week that a woman with whom we cycled at our clinic had her twins 3 weeks ago at 31 weeks. The babies are doing very well, but I ask you to keep them in your prayers and/or thoughts. I also ask you to keep my coworker K in your thoughts. She is pg with IVF twins and has been on bedrest thanks to a subchoreonic hematoma. She's 18 weeks this week and worried about her babies and stressed about her job.

I had a little bit of anxiety on my way back from Florida last Wednesday when I thought of how much there was still left to do at work. I find myself entering a sort of shut-down state, though. I still plan to get stuff done, but I am starting to detach. I am so tired and feel myself accepting that work will have to muddle on without me. I want to feel confident that my staff will know what to to, but honestly, I'm running out of time and am tired. I have been working on my final project for school all weekend, and I am so looking forward to turning it in on Friday. I truly don't care about whatever grade I get. I don't mean to sound whiney, but I am ready to veg and read, relax and get ready for the baby. My energy is starting to peter out.

In a rare move for me, I decided to take Friday off. We have our next doctor's appointment that day, and I also plan to work in my flower garden. I'm really looking forward to it!

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Carrie Jo said...

It really is the home stretch for you, Elizabeth. How exciting!

You're will survive without you. First off, they don't have a choice. Secondly, once you're on maternity with your son, you won't be thinking about work at all. I am so excited for you! Congrats.

FET Accompli said...

I can relate to a lot of what you are feeling, although I am several months behind you. Anxiety, fatigue, excitement. The journey is a labour of love but can be exhausting at times.

Sarah said...

Wow Elizabeth - you are almost there! I am beyond thrilled for you and although you feel like time is going slow right now - holding your baby is right around the corner! So glad to hear that all is well and try not to worry about the mucus plug thing. What is meant to be now is going to be so worrying is just plain exhausting. Glad to hear all of the progress of the house! Congrats!

Duck said...

great progress! SO exciting that he will be here soon.

Ellen K. said...

Very exciting! Ivy & Nina were born at 36 wks, 3 days, and they didn't need any NICU time, just about 40 hours in the special care nursery, and we were all able to go home together after 4 days. We did have a couple of extra pediatrician visits because they were early. But I hope F. makes it farther than the next couple of weeks!

Keeping your friends in my thoughts.

sara said...

Can't believe you're on the home stretch! How exciting and amazing this all is. You inspire me day after day.

Wewurtskihit said...

Ahhh..the home stretch..the most nervous yet exciting time there is!!!!