Friday, January 15, 2010

Remember Me?

Argh. I really apologize that my posting has been so sporadic. Being home with D kept me busy but returning to work really amplified that. I feel like most work week nights revolve around coming home -> baby stuff ->eating ->trying to get to bed at a decent hour. I have read probably 2, no more than 3 books for "fun" since August. Life is definitely different!

I love it though. I admit to being more tired than I ever knew I could be, and it's been interesting adjusting to leaving work behind at 4:30 on the dot because my MIL would be waiting in the parking lot to drop off the baby. I've always had a problem letting go of work, so being forced to shut down at 4:30 has been nice, but it's also been difficult b/c there has been some work I've needed to do after hours to catch up or do research, and I just don't have the time or energy. Oh well. It's an adjustment, right?

Daniel is doing soooo well! He is 7.5 months now and WILD!! This week I declare him to be officially crawling, and he has two bottom teeth and two top teeth threatening to come through any day now. He went from barely being able to sit up without a supporting arm on Jan. 2 to being able to sit up straight without any support a few days ago. The milestones are coming fast and furious! He smiles a lot and is very happy. He makes us soooo very happy. Our first Christmas with him was perfect. It really was the perfect holiday for us: no travel, lots of family, family who didn't outstay their welcome, a private Christmas, etc. I didn't expect him to get much of Christmas, so I was unprepared for the joy on his face when he saw what Santa brought. We barely did "Santa" his first year, but we loved it!

He is eating solids along with formula, and he loves them. I never thought I would do this, but I am making all of his veggies and fruits. He eats carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, cauliflower, apples, pears, squash, and peaches. He eats more veggies and fruits than Husband does!! LOL

We are having a great time with him. Each day is an adventure. I've started to think a little about a second child and what that would entail, but we won't seriously talk about it until his first birthday--which will likely be around the corner based on how quickly time is flying! More on that topic to come.

I definitely have not forgotten my infertility, but it has been so great having him here. He is wonderful.

I hope you all are having a good 2010 so far.


ASquared said...

Hey! So good to hear an update! I am equally bad about posting :) I hear you on the craziness of life with work and babies!

And I am with you on the food! I make all (almost) of my boys' fruits and veggies too - and even made chicken. I'm hoping to continue that. My mom did that for me when I was a baby and she visited in August and made a whole batch to get me started and I kept it going. It just tastes so much better than the jarred stuff! However, green beans and peas are 2 veggies that I have found hard to get the right consistency (to not get yucky faces from them), so I admit to buying jarred of those most of the time. I also didn't think I'd be making their food, but it's really not bad! And my mom got me a pressure cooker - that thing rocks for making baby food (and us food!). And the Magic Bullet is fantastic for pureeing!

D is so cute! And I hear you on the wild - I have definitely got that going on here too!

Hope you get some more sleep soon - one of my boys has been sick with a cold since Jan 2nd and so we have had many bad nights since then (aside from the bad nights from teething). I find it interesting that when we have bad nights now I feel so much more tired then I did in their first few months when they were feeding every 3 hours. Weird how that works - guess the adrenaline wore off!

Great to hear from you and so happy to hear that everything is going so well with you and the little guy!! Happy New Year!

Expectant Duck said...

So glad to read that all is well! AMazing how far and how quickly.
It must be so hard working with a little baby at home, you're doing great!
Take care

Sue said...

Glad to hear you and Daniel are doing so well. I hope 2010 is an even better year for you than 2009.

kate said...

Wow! Seven months already? Amazing.

I've been wondering (presuming we're lucky enough to make it there...) what our future children will think of Christmas when they are only 6 months old. It's nice to know that it could be possible that they'll have some idea that it's something new and exciting.

So cool that D is plowing through his developmental milestones. He is just such a cutie pie!

Bernardeena said...

What a fantastic picture! They grow so quickly don't they?!

JJ said...

Ohh yay! Loved the update! Cant wait to see you both SOON!

Ellen K. said...

Glad everyone is doing so well!

Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

sara said...

I was so glad to hear from you! He is so freakin adorable... and so grown up already! Hope you're doing well and having a good week :-)

Dee Ramires said...

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