Thursday, May 28, 2009

Suspended Animation

Still here. Still no baby. Baby boy is showing us that he has a mind of his own. F has been pg 4 other times, and each of those times she has never gone past 39 weeks. Until now. Yesterday was 39 weeks. Today is (obviously) 39w1d. And Baby Boy is apparently happy as a clam, moving and squirming but making no move to emerge. I feel a mixture of pride and irritation that our baby is the one to break the cycle; at the same time I fear what that might indicate about his personality and will :-)

It's a weird feeling because I don't know what to do with myself. When I left work on Friday, I left feeling good about where I stood in regards to any outstanding tasks. I had finished all the major stuff. We had a busy weekend putting the house in order and by Monday, we were very pleased with our progress. Baby things washed and put away. Clothes back in our closet. Flooring tools put away. We looked at each other and said, "We're ready!"

When I left work on Friday, I felt myself disengaging from the office. I knew that even if I were at work this week, it would likely be for only a short time, so I returned to work on Tuesday feeling calm and detached. Unfortunately, as the week has progressed, I've somewhat lost those feelings of detachment and calmness. Will he ever come out? Will they make us wait 3 more weeks before inducing us? And F feels great! She has a lot of energy and even thinks her appetite has increased.

It's a little frustrating because I know I need to think of these unexpected extra days as a gift and treasure them. Read. Eat good food. Cuddle with Husband and kitties. Try to sleep. But instead I'm an anxious, stressed mess who just wants the next day to come b/c Baby Boy might make his appearance. Oddly, it feels a lot like it did between cycles when all we did was wait for the next appointment or chance.

I know I'm whining. He will come out eventually, I know that. Our next doctor's appointment is tomorrow, and she could easily tell us she wants to get the show on the road. It's just interesting to me that I'm back to waiting impatiently. At this point, I've decided I'm going to plan on planting flowers on Saturday because I really don't think he'll be here by then!


niobe said...

Gosh, this post describes exactly how I felt back in January. 40 weeks came and went with no baby. Because the baby was so large, the plan was to induce Kyrie shortly after the due date and we scheduled an induction first thing on the morning of January 8.

Of course, at about 11:30 pm on January 7, Kyrie went into labor on her own and had a quick, easy delivery, despite the fact that the baby was over nine pounds.

Sarah said...

oh! You do have a stubborn little monkey! Whats the weather forecast where you are? Any storms or fluxs in barometric pressure on the horizon? You are doing so great. Take this time to STOCK your house with food and premade meals. seriously - do it! I am incredibly excited for you and please update when things are finally in motion! Good luck!

Duck said...

Spicey food is the ticket - your GS needs to eat some love from mexico to help things along (he will be here soon - perhaps he just wants to make sure you have everything done and ready!).

JJ said...

I know you are SUPER anxious! Cant wait until he's here=)

Carrie Jo said...

I can't wait to "meet" this little guy--I can't even imagine how you feel. And as we're at 30w3d, I'm seeing what I have to look forward to in a few weeks!

Wewurtskihit said...

You've waited patiently for so long now - whats another few days!!!

Though I COMPLETELY understand your feelings!! You want him in your arms finally after waiting so long!!

(contradicting myself again arent I!!??!!)

kate said...

You must be climbing the walls! I keep seeing your posts coming up in Google Reader and expecting to see a birth announcement. Tell the little guy he's keeping the whole internet waiting!!