Monday, November 19, 2007


Bliss is 61 books. Last weekend was the county library's annual book sale, and I go every year. It is one of my favorite events, and to me, it kicks off the holiday season since it's usually the weekend before Thanksgiving. I bought 61 books and spent $37. Not bad at all! My arms are sore from hauling the books around, and I could have stayed a lot longer than the three hours I was there. They had a ton of good books this year.

I usually go with my best friend. This year, she is pg and had a childbirth class on Saturday, the day we usually go, so I went with her on Friday night and then returned on Saturday by myself. I was a little resentful of the change in plans b/c I'm usually so tired by Friday, and I have a lot school work to do to finish up the semester. Mainly, though, I think the resentment comes from the fact that she is pg, and I of course am not. I've been doing ok with dealing with her pg, but she can be a little flaky at times, and it's frustrated me that lately she never asks me one thing about what's going on with us. Also, she changed our plans for the book sale several times, and I kept wanting to scream, "I'm only doing this for you!" But I didn't. And I had a good time. And I'm glad we were able to preserve our yearly tradition. She's starting to show, which was a bit jarring, but I handled it.

And we met with the potential surrogate and her husband on Saturday. Busy weekend. It went very well. I love her! She's great. Her husband is great. They are people we could work with. I think working with them on our surrogacy journey is more important than trying to cycle in early spring. I can't believe I said that, but it's true.

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