Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I opened the mailbox last night and found our first Christmas card of the season. Already? It's barely past Thanksgiving! I guess I shouldn't be surprised since lights have been going up in my neighborhood since before Thanksgiving (seriously!) and the stores replaced the Halloween stuff with Christmas stuff as soon as they could. I love Christmas, but I hate how much earlier it seems to start every year. Poor Thanksgiving seems like barely a blip on the radar between Halloween and Christmas. I'm trying to avoid decorating or buying gifts until Dec. 1. But I'm thinking about them a lot.


infertility just sucks said...

I'm sending out my cards today! I'm usually a huge procrastinator but this is one thing I seem to get done early every year.

Go me.

Samantha said...

The holidays always sneak up on me.

Ellen K. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I've received 4 Christmas cards so far. Somehow this makes me nervous, like I'm falling behind, which is crazy.