Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Me, Grungy?

Kate and Kymberli are correct: I am indeed a child of the 90s. I graduated from high school in 1995 and was a grunge-loving teenager. I didn't wear flannel, though. I liked to dress up and seldom wore jeans. My favorite shoes were my clunky patent-leather Mary Janes :)

I like music, but I don't love music if that makes sense. I have fairly pedestrian tastes; it's actually kind of embarrassing. I'm not a big fan of concerts either...too many people, too expensive. There are only a few bands I would leave my house for. I did attend a Hole concert in high school and procured a "doll part" as a souvenir. I never went to Lollapalooza or OzFest. I felt alternative and weird in high school, but I had friends who exemplified that movement much more than I did and was proud when one of them was voted student body president. Imagine my disappointment and dismay when I discovered that they were assholes just as much as the old-guard preppy, popular types had been. The flannel and Birks were just a costume.

But I digress. Someone, please tell the trees to stop fornicating. Allergies are killing me!

Is there a shift in the wind? My friend J with whom I've been struggling for the last year over her successful transition to motherhood after 50 mg of Clomid has emailed me TWICE in the last week. That means that since July 2007, she has initiated contact three times. I have been the one to initiate all contact, something which has pissed me off for months. Are things changing? Is our presence at her child's 1st birthday party paying dividends at last? Too early to tell.

PG friend K has invited me to two of her baby showers. She said that right things about hoping I can attend one or both but would understand if I couldn't. I'm going to try to attend at least one. But I'm going to buy her gift online. I'm not going anywhere near Babies R Us.


Ellen K. said...

I am ALL about online shopping for baby showers.

I also graduated from high school in 95. Were those bad years for fashion or what?! Aside from the badass shoes.

Kymberli said...

I was known for style-swtiching in high school. One day I'd be dressed in Karl Kani or Cross Colors (at my school popular among the African-American student body), then the next day I'd be in flannel, a t-shirt, and jeans a la Kurt Cobain. The mind shudders. :)

sara said...

I always shop online for baby's the best! My husband was a total grunger who graduated in 96. I laugh now because he's a boring preppy engineer..boy how times change! Good luck with your friend.


kate said...

Aw, yeah. I know your high school shoe thing very well. It was mine, too, except my big, clunky black shoes were 8-hole Doc Martens.

And yeah, I have pretty reasonable taste in music. Aside from the being-a-classically-trained-violist thing, I'm not a cuckoo music fan. I mean, I like what I like, but a band's obscurity level does not affect my feelings towards them one direction or the other, you know?

Yes. EmtherEfking trees need to stop,stop,S.T.O.P., for the love of Pete, stop RIGHT NOW, stop with the pollenating and the killing of the Kate, stop with the clogging of the sinuses and watering of the eyes and the sneezing. Please, trees, PLEASE stop. Uncle. I cry UNCLE...

And one of these days, we may have to find a way to get together for a BSG viewing party or something.