Friday, July 18, 2008

Happiness Is...

Two bags full of books to take to the beach.
Going to the beach.
Eating GREAT food, calories be damned
Watching Husband frolic in the ocean while I sit on the beach with a drink in one hand and a book in the other. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

We leave for the beach today! I have been anxious about work (really, why should I care so much?) all week (progesterone + anxiety-prone person = moody beast), but as of today, all that anxiety has melted away. The beach is great of course, but we have all these little rituals. We eat at the same great restaurants. We stop by the bookstore on our way home so I can buy a few books (this bookstore is a jewel. They always have the most interesting stuff). It's just a great time being with Husband and doing something for ourselves.

The funny thing is that our annual beach trip is always notable for something always happening. In 2005 we were stressed because we were selling our house. In 2006 I was in the 2ww from my first Clomid cycle and developed a yeast infection. In 2007 I started lupron for my FET but even more memorable was the fact that we had boarded our cats, and one of them needed medicine, and the employee bungled it so badly that my cat lost a claw and had to go to the vet. So keep your fingers crossed that this 2008 beach trip is notable for its lack of excitement. Think calm, boring and relaxing.

In the mail Tuesday I found a packet from the clinic with my aspiration date set. Oh. Nice to know. Glad I was consulted! I will have the cyst/tube aspirated on July 31. The sucky part is that it won't be until 4:30 and I can't eat after midnight, so I'm going to be starving. I could try to get it changed, but I don't know if it's worth the headache. I've got to be at the hospital by 1:30, so I'm working a half day that day and taking off all of Friday, Aug. 1 to recover.

Ok, have to go pack! Have a great weekend!


Duck said...

have fun at the beach!

sara said...

Oh the beach trip sounds awesome! I hope that it is very boring for you and only relaxing with no excitement like years past :-) I'm glad things are moving forward and am hoping that they can bump your time up to earlier in the day. If they can't and they gurantee it won't be until 4:30 - see if they will let you eat a light breakfast if it's around 7AM or so. Anesthesia wise we do that sometimes. It might help a little. I'm not sure if they'll let you, but what the heck - might as well ask :-)

Jaymee said...

here's to a wonderfully uneventful beach trip.

Samantha said...

Enjoy the beach!

Maybe you can eat a nice late night snack to tide you over the day (also in case they're running late!)

kate said...

Lucky! I could SO use a beach vacation right about now. Do you have any recommendations of a good beach to go to here?

I'll be sending you calm, relaxing vibes for a drama-free vacation. Have fun!