Thursday, June 26, 2008

Various and Sundry

Hi ladies,
Thanks for the commiseration, advice and support you offered during my blue Friday last week. I'm still having ups and downs but overall, I feel better. I had an appointment with my therapist last Saturday, and it's so nice to be validated and reminded that yeah, Husband and I are dealing with a lot and we're coping with it the best we can. Worth every penny of that $40 copay :)

Surrogacy update: We had the nurse education class and psych eval today. It honestly was probably the best appointment we've had there so far. We had to wait only a few minutes and we got out only 15 minutes late. Not bad! It was good to go over the schedule with the donor coordinator. It's sort of weird because they are treating me like I'm my own donor LOL, so they are planning my cycle as if it were a donor cycle, only I'm the donor. I think we still have some details to work out, but it sounds like I will be stimming in August...possibly early August but more likely mid-August. I can deal with that. The unknown is still how/when we handle my cycle since I'm an infrequent ovulator. I won't be on lupron before I start stimming, which is interesting, but instead I'll be on an antagonist protocol, which is familiar to me since that's what I was on at clinic #2. I have an appointment on July 10 for the RE to meet my endometrioma and decide what he wants to do.

The most surprising news is that we apparently no longer have a male factor issue. Husband gave a sample yesterday, and his numbers were very good. Our problem with him had been slightly low motility, but it's back in the normal range. I guess that's why they recommend having more than 1 sample tested if there's an issue. As far as SCSA, Husband argued with them about it since the RE left us with the impression that if we didn't want to use donor sperm if there were a problem, we might as well not get the test. He told them they could pay for it if they really wanted it, and they are!!!!

The psych eval was odd. Well, more accurately, the psychiatrist was odd. He kept staring at us and not asking questions, and we had that uncomfortable urge to talk to get rid of the silence. Ick. I think we *passed* but IMO, it was so totally NOT worth the $185 it cost.

Summer school: I started summer school last week, and it's keeping me busy. I go to class every day for 3.5 hours and drive an hour each way. Class is in session until July 10. It's a good class, though. It's on services marketing, and since I work in the marketing department for a service company, it's very relevant. I created a blog for my coworkers in marketing so we can discuss some of the stuff I'm learning. It makes for a long day, though. I get to work at 7, work until noon, and then drive to class. I'm in class from 1 - 4:30 and then drive home. Read a chapter and do homework. Rinse and repeat. This week is the longest week b/c it's a full week. The next two weeks are only four-day weeks, so that helps. Long story short, I probably won't have a chance to update much in the next couple of weeks.

Work: It looks like there is some work drama about to start with my former boss from when I was in another department, and I'm trying to keep an extremely low profile since the man hates me (who could hate me????) and a paranoid coworker says the shit is about to hit the fan, and the former boss will likely be lashing out at a lot of people. Apparently, he might even be monitoring web usage and email (!!!!), so forgive me if I don't get to your blogs regularly in the next few weeks since I'll be avoiding doing so from work (bad me). Hopefully it will blow over without me being dragged into it.

So, things are progressing. We booked our beach vacation, and it will happen the week after summer school ends, which is suddenly right around the corner. I'm tucking the idea of cycling in mid-August in the back of my mind. I don't won't to get my heart set on the dates since dates change so much, but I think we're close. Maybe. Hopefully.


Samantha said...

I've done an antagonist cycle before. For me, I found it a lot easier and faster and it was nice not to get the lupron side affects.

Great news about your husband's sperm! That's also great you go the clinic to pay for further testing!

Kymberli said...

Good news from you is always great news! I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better about the way things are moving now!

kate said...

Yeeehaw! That's all good news!

I hear you on the busy-ness thing. School can just take up so much time that could be spent reading/writing/commenting on blogs!

And my work scenario is pretty much the same. We're about to get a new boss, and some people are unhappy about it, and my boss is suddenly coming down pretty hard on me. Of course, it's hard to care, knowing that I'll be quitting. And since I've first discussed quitting, my boss seems to have mostly given up on getting me to curtail my internet usage. Oh, well.

The psych eval seems ridiculous, but other than that, it sounds like everything else went as well as it possibly could! SO happy for you!

sara said...

Hey that's awesome news about the stuff moving forward! Your beach vacations sounds really nice, and I hope the few weeks of class fly by for you. You'll have to take some pictures of your vacation for us :-) I'm glad you're doing good, and extra added bonus about your husband's sperm (good surprises are the best type)!

Duck said...

Glad that your moving forward! AND that's wonderful sperm news :)