Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Snow :-(

I admit it: I love snow and wintry weather, so I was disappointed that our winter weather event kind of petered out this morning. Oh well. I'm not really ready for a day off from work due to snow yet. February or March would be great! I have a feeling it is going to be one of those winters in which we don't have much wintry weather. NC is due for a big snow, though, but I don't think this is the year.

So it's business as usual for me. I'm at work for now and have class this afternoon. And I'm counting down the hours for it to be Friday. This is the first full week I've been at work in my office in 2008, so it is taking some adjustment to get back in the groove.

I talked to my pg friend yesterday, and I couldn't believe it, but she actually asked how our surrogacy journey was going. Granted, she didn't ask until I asked how she was doing, but since she almost never asks, I was shocked. I'm sure that will be only time she asks for a while *visualize me rolling my eyes*. Which brings me to a pet peeve. I HATE it when people pretty much ignore what you have written in your email and send back like a one-sentence response. Example: After she asked about surrogacy, she didn't comment at all on what I replied. That response makes me feel like she really didn't care what I had to say. There's no sense of dialogue or conversation. That is bad enough, but it's really irritating when I ask question and they aren't answered. Maybe I'm looking at email differently. To me, it is a legitimate communication medium. I wouldn't ask if I truly didn't want to know. I'm not asking just to fill up space or to appear to be interested. Argh.


Brave China Doll said...

That totally stinks! Ours didn't stick too well on the Saturday snow, but we did get to throw a couple snowballs on the Wednesday snow. Are you more toward the NC coast? I love NC.

Congrats on the surrogacy news. That is so exciting!

sara said...

sorry you didn't have a lot of snow...I'll send of our 5 inches that we've goten in the last few days your way! I know I complain about the snow...but I love it all the same. This morning I woke up and downtown looked like a winter wonderland!