Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Glimmer of Hope?

If I had posted right after my appointment this morning, it would have been a pretty morbid post since I had been crying all morning. My ultrasound was fairly unremarkable: 1 follie at 10mm and lots of follies under 10mm. Yesterdays E2 was 149, so some progress had been made. However, I was sure it wouldn't be enough and was preparing for the inevitable cancellation.

At 3, I called for my instructions and was pleasantly surprised to hear that today's e2 had tripled to 459. I'm to stay on 600 IUs and return tomorrow for another date with the dildocam and more bloodletting...er bloodwork. During the depths of despair, we scheduled an appointment with the RE for tomorrow afternoon to discuss the cycle and what's going on, so I guess we'll keep that appointment just in case. But whew. I feel like I've received a stay of execution. Let's hope it continues. Interestingly, 459 is almost exactly my level during my first IVF cycle after 7 days of stims and 2 days of Ganirelix.

Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow. F, our surro, has been so sweet trying to keep my spirits up.


scarredbellybutton said...

Go little guys, go! I hope they surpass the one big follie.

Sue said...

It sounds like things are going well - this is good news!

Amber said...

I'm glad you've had a turnaround. I hope you get even better news tomorrow!

(Here from LFCA)

Duck said...

you can do IT!!!!

sara said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and I'm so happy that things improved. Lots of good thoughts coming your way! (sorry for being the absent blogger lately. But I'm glad to see that your numbers are improving :-)