Monday, September 1, 2008

Still On for Now

I guess we are still on for now. My instructions are to increase my Follistim again to 600 IUs and come back tomorrow for what would have been a normally-scheduled monitoring appointment. Unfortunately, the nurse didn't leave my estrogen level, so I have no idea if I am making progress or not and whether the increased dosage is a last-ditch emergency effort or an attempt to catch me up to where I should be. I tried calling my clinic but the office has closed for Labor Day I guess since I got the after-hours answering service. Hopefully I can get some answers tomorrow when I go back in.

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Samantha said...

That's a really high dose of follistim. I'm sorry stimming isn't going as you would have hoped. From my experience things do start to catch up, and perhaps your doc is feeling a little impatient with an initial slow start, but I wouldn't lose hope. I've been told by a previous doctor (you know who) that would be no way I could stim on a lower dose of FSH than he had tried, yet here I am.

Hang in there - if your E2 levels are going up, even if it's slow, something good is happening.