Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some Truly Good News

I wasn't sure how today would go because I started the day by spilling coffee on myself as I got out of the car at work. It wasn't a lot of coffee, but it seemed like a lot of coffee. I had nothing in the car to wipe up the coffee, so I walked into the office with coffee dripping off my pants legs. Just my luck, there were a number of people in our lobby for the class we are holding this week, so I'm sure they were curious about the coffee (it was really obvious). Thankfully, the coffee wasn't a total indicator of how the day would go because we received some good news today.

It turns out that we have 5 embryos frozen!!! 3 were frozen on day 5 and another 2 were frozen on day 6. That is SUCH a relief. It removes some of the worry I had about the quality of our embryos, and if this cycle doesn't work, we can try a frozen cycle and save a little $$$.

F is still very optimistic about this cycle, and we are trying to be. Actually, I think Husband and I are trying not to think about it. His birthday is this Thursday, and we again feel like another birthday celebration is somewhat on hold. We did have a bit of a scare yesterday because F told me she realized she is having an allergic reaction to the PIO, so the nurse had to call in a new prescription for her. Anyone know anything about allergic reactions preventing implantation?

It's always something!


Intending To Be Parents said...

Wow - that is a boatload of frozens! Fabulous news!
Eeks about the allergic reaction! I wonder if it was maybe just the type of oil they used to mix it that is causing the issue? Try not to worry about it too much (yeah, I know, easier said than done). I don't know anything specifically about allergic reactions, so I'm just going to stick to the positive thoughts and assume it won't affect a thing!

Ellen K. said...

Great news about the frozen embryos! I thought they must be charging you for something. : )

F. might just be having a contact dermatitis-type reaction, not full allergy. I had this, and it didn't affect the cycle. I had a lot of itching and redness around the injection sites -- I think I was overusing one side. It took awhile to set in -- it was after my BFP -- but the RE switched me to Crinone around 7 weeks PG, without any problems. Maybe F. is also having a reaction to the bandaids she is using -- are they latex-free?

Happy birthday to your husband!

Samantha said...

Great news about the frozen embies!

As for allergic reactions, I don't think it has anything to do with implantation. You could suggest your surrogate try progesterone in ethyl oleate - I found that to be the gentlest for me, much better than progesterone in olive oil.

Sue said...

Congrats on your frosties! Your embryos should already have implanted by now. I doubt an allergic reaction would affect them either way, so don't worry. I'm hoping for more good news about your cycle soon.

sara said...

This is truly the best news I've heard all week!! I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the multiple exclamation points - the only downfall of the internet is that you can't see my big old smile I have plastered on my face as I type this, hence the crazy exclamation points instead, LOL! As far as the allergic reaction to the PIO and implantation - I think you are in the clear with her. It's the darn oil and prep most likely - a girl on the UU yahoo boards is just having the same problem. It should have nothing to do with the implantation or causing it not to implant. It doesn't sound pleasant - but at least it shouldn't have any effect on the implantation - I'm no expert, but all the times I've seen it working with my RE and IVF cycles, I've never heard of it causing any problems other than the allergic reaction itself. So phew....hopefully this is just the start of more good news to come. ((Hugs)) - I'm kind of in a huggy kind of mood - hope you don't mind!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news! That is an amazing number of frosties. Whoo hoo!
As for the allergic reaction...I had an allergic reaction in my first IVF. I was assured by many docs that it would not prevent implantation. Hopefully they will change her to ethyl oleate rather than sesame or just crinone.
I've got everything crossed for you!
be well. lea

Kymberli said...

5 frozen blasts - that's awesome! I wouldn't worry about the site reaction. It's happened to me before. It's not fun, but not harmful, either. Did she switch to ethyl oleate? That's much easier on my backside than the sesame oil is.

Duck2 said...

WOW that is so many embryos. That's great news.

scarredbellybutton said...

That is wonderful!

Kymberli said...

Thinking of you and waiting (im)patiently for an update!