Friday, August 3, 2007


I have toyed with the idea of having a public blog in which to discuss my infertility struggles for a while now. I have a private one where I can let fly all the mean, nasty, hateful, evil thoughts I have, but I had struggled with taking that public. This week I decided that I would start one if my FET cycle failed, hoping against hope that I wouldn't have to and thinking that maybe if I started one before I knew the outcome of the cycle, I'd go to all this trouble only to have to close it or make it a pregnancy blog. Ha ha ha. Silly me! I could have started this blog DAYS ago.

So, yes, this blog means that the FET cycle failed. It's not a surprise. Thanks to HPTs taken Monday-Wednesday, I knew for sure which way the wind was blowing days before the beta. Husband and I have let the family know and received the usual platitudes and occasionally infuriating comments. I just begged him to let us move out of state and change our names a la the Witness Protection Program, but he said we can't afford to. Damn infertility. I can't escape it anywhere.

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