Friday, August 10, 2007

People Suck

I hate people and usually every day I receive confirmation on why that feeling is justified. Some failed cycle tidbits:

My mother:"C (my cousin's baby) is really mobile now and into everything. Your aunt is going to have her hands full. You should spend a week with her--maybe you'll discover you don't want children!"

Gee, thanks. Wow, what a lot of money we've wasted. Who knew that one week with a toddler would reveal that parenting was not for us?

MIL:"You can't keep doing this forever."
I can hear her slightly tired tone, her whine. Implicit in that statement is the wish that we would just move on, get over it, etc. so she would feel less uncomfortable and we wouldn't talk about it anymore. So sorry you and everyone else are tired of our situation. It's our LIFE unfortunately. We don't have the luxury of hanging up the phone and being away from it. And as someone who fairly easily had two children, who are you to tell us when to stop? You have NO idea of our pain.

K, my best friend:"Maybe nature is telling you that things have generally come easy for you in your life. You breezed through school, you excel at your career, you have a wonderful, devoted husband and a happy marriage. Maybe 'the powers that be' have decided to make something difficult for you."

When I first read that in her email, I was insulted and offended, even though she begged me not to be. It IS insulting. Like life is "tit for tat." And how malicious is Mother Nature/God/whoever if that is true! But now, the more I think about it, the more I've decided that maybe her comment indicates how she sees me and my life. Easy. Everything has come easily for me. Again that whole concept of some people having luck and some people not. Never mind that fact that I worked hard and am conscientious. Yes, comprehension comes easily for me, and I've not experienced real adversity, but still...I worked hard.

I think a lot of people see our life that way (MIL refers to our "luck" as well). And it makes me wonder if it's a case of schadenfreude...they resent our success and cheer for our misfortune. It makes me feel like maybe they think we deserve it. And that's incredibly hurtful.
Oh, yeah, and K is ready to TTC, yet they had to disconnect their home phone to pay for the cable bill. WTF????? And she will likely have no problems conceiving. I bet she'll be pregnant by September. And yet people say WE have luck. Ha!

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K77 said...

Just found your blog and I'm reading it backwards, you are my kinda gal! Welcome to the land of IF bitterness, I think you'll fit right in. People are downright assholes, truly.