Monday, February 4, 2008

Thanks, IRS. No, Really, Thanks

Humph. Husband and I like to do our taxes in early February so we can get them done and know what (if any) refund to expect. He decided to have them done yesterday. Since we had a over $20k of medical expenses last year, we hoped that we would get a decent refund since we had exceeded the percentage needed for medical deductions. Well, we are getting a refund, but it's nowhere near what we fantasized about. I know it's a good thing that we are getting anything back for our medical expenditures, but it's just one more frustration with the IF process that you must spend so much money and get so little back for it. I didn't get a baby; it would have been nice to get a fat refund. Instead, I got only a new endometrioma and constant spotting and back pain!

Oh well. I had another appointment with my therapist on Saturday, and she is proud of us for agreeing to go to J's baby's 1st birthday party. I guess it is a big step. I've decided to get books for her gift. Her mother told me that her bookshelves are rather bare, so I thought that as a librarian-in-training, it made perfect sense for us to buy her books. I'm thinking about buying an age-appropriate book as well as the Anne of Green Gables set that she can enjoy later. Hopefully she will enjoy them as much as I did.

My use of the treadmill continues. I'm doing about 30 minutes on it almost every day. I think I can see results already despite only using it for a week! Or maybe that's wishful thinking :-) Our surrogate, F, is working on the contract, and we're getting together with them on Feb. 23 to go out to dinner and meet her kids. Should be a wild evening!


Samantha said...

That tax refund just doesn't quite cut it, does it? Like you said, better than nothing!

Ellen K. said...

Sorry about the refund. That sucks. I won't get started on this. ; )

Good luck at the birthday party. The gift sounds great -- I like the inclusion of books for when the child is older. It'll also signify to your friend that you plan to be there for the long haul.